Aircraft Data Sheet: C.O.W. Gun Fighter (1930)

C.O.W. Gun Fighter
First flight: December 1930
Span: 12.45m/40ft 10ins
Length: 9.09m/29ft 10ins
Max weight: 1,792kg/3,885lb
Max level speed: 160knots/296kph
Power plant:

One 485shp/362 Bristol Mercury lllA

Total built: One

The specification which led to this aircraft (F29/27) was put forward to develop the use of the 37mm cannon produced by the Coventry Ordnance Works (C.O.W.). the aircraft which resulted, owed much of its configuration to the earlier Interceptor. The gun was set at an angle of 55ยบ to fire up into the body of a bomber when the fighter was manoeuvred directly below. Trials were discouraging and the experiment was dropped. German night fighters achieved considerable success with a similar system during World War 2.