Aircraft Data Sheet: Lynx 3

Lynx 3
First flight: 14th June 1984
Rotor diameter: 12.8m/42ft 0ins
Length: 15.47m/50ft 9ins
Max weight: 5454kg/12,000lb
Max speed: 259kph/135knots
Power: Two 1,260shp/939kW
Rolls Royce Gem 60-3 turboshafts
Accommodation: 2 crew plus ten troops.
No Built: 1 prototype only

The Lynx 3 was essentially a Lynx derivative designed to extend the capability of the basic Lynx and also to offer a response to the Franco-German requirement for a Combat helicopter (PAH-2). There were also proposals and design studies to offer a maritime version.

The project came about at a time when military thinking concerning the role of Attack helicopters and battlefield support was confused.

In the event the Franco-German requirement changed, and it became clear that the UK forces had no interest in an aircraft of the proposed configuration. A single prototype was built and flown but the project was abandoned when it became clear that UK interest was not forthcoming.