Aircraft Data Sheet: Lysander (1936)

First flight: 15th June 1936
Span: 15.24m/50ft 0ins.
Length: 9.30m/30ft 6ins
Max weight: 2,685kg/5,920lb
Max level speed: 199knots/369kph
Power plant: One 890shp/664kW Bristol Mercury Vll.
Total built: 1,427 plus 225 in Canada

Probably the most famous of the Westland fixed wing aircraft, the Lysander was designed in response to Air Ministry Specification A 39/34 for a two seat Army Co-operation aircraft capable of operation from short fields or unprepared strips. The Westland response met the specification perfectly and was ordered in large quantities, but following the outbreak of war the Lysanders fared badly against the Luftwaffe when faced against full scale 'Blitzkreig', for which it was never designed.

Although many Lysanders continued to operate in less combatant roles, they are best remembered for their use in their clandestine role carrying agents into occupied France.