Aircraft Data Sheet: Parnall Hendy Heck (1934)

Parnall Hendy Heck
First flight: July 1934
Span: 9.5m/36ft 6ins
Length: 7.9m/26ft 2ins
Max weight: 1,179kg/2,600lb
Max level speed: 161.5knots/289.68kph
Power plant: One 200shp/149kW De-Havilland Gypsy Six
Total built: One prototype built by Westland (7 aircraft subsequently built by Parnall)

This is an unusual example of one aircraft manufacturer building a prototype for another. Designed by B Henderson as Hendy 3308, it was intended for use by the celebrated sporting pilot Whitney Straight.

Westland built and flew the prototype for Hendy Aircraft Ltd who subsequently joined with G Parnall to form Parnall Aircraft Ltd, after Westland involvement ceased although limited production continued at the Parnall factory.