Aircraft Data Sheet: Pterodactyl V (1934)

Pterodactyl V
First flight: May 1934
Span: 14.22m/46ft 8ins
Length: 6.96m/22ft 10ins
Max weight: 2,313kg/5,100lb
Max level speed: 165knots/306kph
Power plant: One 600shp/447kW Rolls-Royce Goshawk
Total built: One

Such was the promise of the Pterodactyl demonstrations that an order was placed for a prototype capable of development into a fighter (Air Ministry Specification F 3/32). The Pterodactyl V incorporated many of the features demonstrated by the earlier aircraft plus provision for armament. Trials at Farnborough led to the conclusion that the tail-less configuration did not offer any significant improvement over conventional fighters then under development.