Aircraft Data Sheet: W 30-Series 300 (1986)

W 30-Series 300
First flight: 5th February 1986
Rotor diameter: 13.31m/43ft 8ins
Length: 15.9m/52ft 2ins
Max weight: 7,272kg/16,000lb
Max speed: 277kph/150knots
Power: Two 1,712shp/1,276kW,
General Electric CT7-2B turboshafts
Accommodation: Two crew and 19 passengers
No Built: One prototype built

Like the Series 200, the Series 300 used the CT-7 engines, but included a new five bladed main rotor head with BERP blades. It was also intended to include ACSR (Active Control Structural response) vibration control equipment, which had been successfully tested on a series 100 aircraft. The main intention was to submit the design as a response to requirement ASR 404 for a possible successor to the Puma and Wessex. In addition to which itt was also hoped that there would be a wide civil and military export market, the requirement did not materialise. Only the single prototype was built.