Aircraft Data Sheet: Westland (Agusta-Bell) Sioux AH MK 1, HT MK 2 & HT Mk 3

Westland (Agusta-Bell) Sioux AH MK 1, HT MK 2 & HT
First flight: 9th March 1965. (Westland built)
Rotor diameter: 11.32m/37ft 1ins
Length: 13.17m/43ft 2ins
Max weight: 1,338kg/2,950lb
Max speed: 169kph/73knots
Power: One 260shp/194kW Avco Lycoming
TVO-435-A1A turbo-charged piston engine.
Accommodation: Pilot plus two
No Built: 253

A three seat general-purpose helicopter and trainer, basically the Bell 47G-4 built under licence from Agusta and Bell, ordered for all three UK services. A number of the 47G-4 variant were built for Bristol Helicopters.The licence agreement for the Sioux was the first occasion where Westland worked with Agusta.