Aircraft Data Sheet: Westminster (1958)

First flight: 15th June 1958
Rotor diameter: 21.95m/72ft 0ins
Length: 26.44m/86ft 9ins
Max weight: 14,969kg/33,000lb
Max speed: 241 kph/130knots
Power: Two 3,150shp/2,349kW
Napier Eland E229A turboshaft engines
Accommodation: 2 crew & 45 passengers
No Built: 2

The Westminster extended the Westland design organisation even further in an attempt to produce a large single rotor transport helicopter. The project was based upon a research vehicle, wholly funded by Westland using the Sikorsky S-56 rotor and transmission system, powered by two large Eland gas turbines.

Two prototypes were produced, the first being a dedicated research airframe with a simple tubular steel structure, the second prototype was fully representative aerodynamically intended to lead to a production standard.

However, indications were that official support could not be guaranteed and further work did not proceed beyond the research phase.