Aircraft Data Sheet: Widgeon (1955)

First flight: 23rd August 1955
Rotor diameter: 14.99m/49ft 2ins
Length: 17.72m/58ft 1ins
Max weight: 2,675kg/5,900lb
Max speed: 167kph/90knots
Power: One 520shp/388kW Alvis Leonides 521/1
Accommodation: Pilot plus four
No Built: 15

This represented Westland's first excursion into helicopter design, involving major re-design of the WS-51, including an entirely new cabin, metal rotor blades and re-engine. A new flying control system was incorporated, and the centre of gravity range was improved by fitting a rotor head based on that of the Whirlwind, to produce a five-seat general-purpose helicopter for the civil market. The first three aircraft were conversions, followed by a number of new build machines.