Aircraft Data Sheet: WS-58 Wessex HC MK 2, HCC MK 4 & HU MK 5 (1962)

WS-58 Wessex HC MK 2, HCC MK 4 & HU MK 5 (1962)
First flight: 18th January 1962
Rotor diameter: 17.07m/56ft 0ins
Length: 20.04m/65ft 9ins
Max weight: 5,715kg/12,600lb
Max speed: 212 kph/115knots
Power: Two 1,350shp/1,007kW
Rolls-Royce Gnome Mk110/111 Turboshafts
Accommodation: Pilot plus three (ASW).
Two crew plus 16 (Transport)
No Built: 215

A general purpose transport variant of the Wessex Mk1, modified to accept two Rolls-Royce Gnome turboshafts. The twin engined Wessex, powered by twin coupled 1350shp Bristol Siddeley (later Rolls Royce) Gnome turbines, proved to be one of Westland's most successful and enduring aircraft. The type served with the RAF (HC Mk2) and the Royal Navy (HU Mk5), a number were still in service in 1998, including the two HCC Mk4s with The Queen's Flight. A version was also produced for the civil market.