Aircraft Data Sheet: WS-70 Blackhawk (1987)

WS-70 Blackhawk
First flight:


Rotor diameter: 16.36m/53ft 8ins
Length: 19.76m/63ft 8ins
Max weight: 9,979kg/22,000lb
Max speed: 293kph/158knots
Power: Two 1,870shp/1,394kW,
General Electric
T-700-GE-701C turboshafts
Accommodation: Two crew plus 20 troops
No Built: One example built

A direct result of the Sikorsky association was an agreement that Westland would build the Blackhawk under licence, for supply to a Middle-East customer. A single aircraft was built and flown, but events were overtaken by the outbreak of the Gulf War after which the requirement had changed.