Aircraft Data Sheet: Wyvern TF MK 1 (1946)

Wyvern TF MK 1
First flight: 12th December 1946
Span: 13.41m/44ft 0ins.
Length: 11.96m/39ft 3ins
Max weight: 11,113kg/24,500lb
Max level speed: 333knots/616kph
Power plant: One 2690shp/2,006kW Rolls-Royce Eagle 22
Total built: 6 prototypes, plus 7 production.

The requirement for the Wyvern was placed in 1944 as Admiralty Specification N 11/44 calling for a high performance long range fighter, it was to use the large and powerful Rolls-Royce Eagle piston engine, with contra-rotating propellers.

The development was protracted and included several accidents, largely due to the complex engine/propeller combination. Production did proceed somewhat prematurely, but the piston engined variant never actually entered service.