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The Petters BrothersPetters Oil EngineAt the turn of the century (1900), the only significant industrial activity in the Yeovil area was that undertaken by Petter Oil Engines Ltd, a family firm founded by Twin brothers Percy and Ernest. By the outbreak of the first World War the company was a major producer of standing oil engines, providing power for small industrial facilities and agricultural applications.

By 1915 the business had grown into a major industry with its own foundry and steel working facilities. It was at this point that Sir Ernest Petter offered to devote his entire capability to the war effort, and was promptly awarded a contract from the Admiralty to produce Short Type 184 seaplanes.

At the time it had been planned to build a new forge on ground situated to the west of Yeovil, this plan was abandoned and immediately turned over to aircraft manufacture.

Short 184 "Short 184"
Designed by Short Brothers as a torpedo carrying seaplane...
Short 166 "Short 166"
Similar in appearance, but smaller than the Short 184...
1916 - 1917
Sopwith 1½ Strutter "Sopwith 1½ Strutter "
A total of 125 of these well-established fighter and bomber aircraft were built...
De-Havilland DH-4 "De-Havilland DH-4"
Westland produced these two seat day bombers during 1916-1917.
De-Havilland DH-9 "De-Havilland DH-9"
Production of the DH-9 followed the DH-4 contract, approximately 250 machines were produced.
De-Havilland DH-9A "De-Havilland DH-9A"
The DH-9A was an important aircraft for westland...
1916 - 19171917
Vickers Vimy "Vickers Vimy"
A total of 25 of these large and famous twin engined bombers were built at Yeovil.
Westland N.1B "Westland N.1B"
This was the first aircraft to be designed by Westland...
Wagtail "Wagtail"
Offered against a War Office requirement for a single seat fighter in April 1918...
Weasel "Weasel"
Designed by Rober Bruce and Arthur Davenport...
Limousine I and II "Limousine I & II"
Designed as a light passenger transport...
Limousine III "Limousine III"
The Limousine III was substantially larger carrying a pilot and five passengers...
1921 1924
Walrus "Walrus"
The Walrus was a three seat carrier-based spotter-reconnaissance aircraft...
Dreadnought "Dreadnought"
The Dreadnought was built against an Air Ministry requirement...
Woodpidgeon I and II "Woodpidgeon I & II"
The little Woodpidgeon was built as a response to the Air Ministry's Light Aeroplane Competition of 1924.
Widgeon I and II "Widgeon I & II"
The Widgeon was the second Westland entry in the early 1924 competition...
1925 1926
Yeovil "Yeovil"
Air Ministry Specification 26/23 called for a two-seat long range day bomber for the Royal Air Force.
Wizard I and II "Wizard I & II"
Built as a private venture, the Wizard was intended as a fast monoplane fighter.


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