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Sea King HC MK 4 and Commando " Sea King HC MK 4 & Commando "
The Commando Sea King is a variant
of the Sea King family...

Westland 30

During the early 1970's Westland 's project office studied the possible civil version of the Lynx, which could take up to 19 passengers. This medium general-purpose helicopter aimed at the civil market with military applications and was based on the Lynx. Design work began in 1977 on the WG 30, which later became the Westland 30. In 1979 the prototype flew for the first time after this Westland produced 40 during 1978-1986.
W 30-Series 100 " W 30-Series 100 "
This was the basic version of the W-30...
W 30-Series 200 " W 30-Series 200 "
The Series 200 variant powered by two 1,712hp General Electric CT-7 engines...
Lynx 3 " Lynx 3 "
The Lynx 3 was essentially a Lynx derivative designed to extend the capability of the basic Lynx...

The British Experimental Rotor Programme (BERP)

Westland had started work on the production of composite blades in the mid 1970s, producing replacement blades for the Sea King. The BERP programme was carried out in co-operation with the Ministry of Defence to BERPproduce an advanced technology blade, which would exploit the advantages to be gained by the aerodynamic tailoring which could be achieved through composite construction methods.

The first BERP blades were flown in August 1985 and such was the progress achieved that a Lynx (G-LYNX) piloted by Trevor Egginton was able to claim the Absolute World Speed Record For helicopters by flying over a 15km course at: 400.87kph/216.6knots/249.1mph

W 30-Series 300 " W 30-Series 300 "
Like the Series 200, the Series 300 used the CT-7 engines...

Financial Re-Structuring

The mid 1980s proved to be a difficult time for Westland. The company needed a partner to help sustain it until new products could be brought on line. At the same time the company was making considerable investment in composite blade technology and design of a replacement for the Sea King.

Westland favoured a proposal for a major link with Sikorsky but the then Secretary of State for Defence, Micheal Hesseltine, preferred a European option. The Westland dilemma made national news at the time, but the link with Sikorsky went ahead and Westland survived.

WS-70 Blackhawk " WS-70 Blackhawk "
A direct result of the Sikorsky association was an agreement that Westland would build the Blackhawk under licence...
EH101 " EH101 " In 1977 after various studies the MoD (Navy) placed the requirement for an ASW helicopter to replace the Sea king.
Merlin HM Mk 1 " Merlin HM MK 1 "
The Merlin HM Mk1 is the UK maritime variant of the EH101...
Lynx AH Mk9 " Lynx AH MK 9 "
The British Army stated a requirement for an upgrade of the Lynx for Utility transport use...
Lynx HAS Mk8 " Lynx HAS MK 8 "
The Lynx was extensively modified to include the introduction
of a computer controlled Central Tactical System (CTS)...

GKN Westland

In April 1994, GKN who had for some time held 29.9% of the total share holding made a bid for the Company and Westland became part of the GKN Group. The immediate effect was that, Westland , through GKN were now better placed for consideration as Prime contractor for major defence projects.
Merlin HC MK 3 " Merlin HC MK 3 "
The Merlin Mk 3 incorporates the ramp rear door configuration...
Apache AH MK 1 " Apache AH MK 1 "
Early in the 1990s, the British Army stated a requirement for an Attack Helicopter.


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